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Welcome to Craune! Craune takes a new
perspective on Crowdfunding and Equity Crowdfunding!
Create Crowd Wealth with craune.

About craune

Equity Crowdfunding

A new perspective. Providing relevant and reliable information. Connecting platforms with licensed broker and investors.

Equity Crowdfunding with Craune

Business dating with relevant and reliable information. Matching Investor and Entrepreneur the intelligent way. Equity Crowdfunding.

We provide relevant and reliable information to investors and entrepreneurs.

The Craune Association will make the optimal match between investors and entrepreneurs using the optimatcher search engine and projects will be rated with a score.

People pay taxes to the Government, which promises to give you a secure future and retirement.
But people live longer, retire earlier, work less.
– Who is paying, when you deserve to retire? 

The Country is not doing it by itself – without support from the people – That is you!  is the platform where people meet. It does not trade shares or receive funds from the public.

Any transaction which requires authorisation by the Financial Supervisory Authorities is not done by Craune.

It will be carried out by a registered Asset Management company under surveillance of the local FSA.

The Craune Association is registered at Erhvervsstyrelsen, Denmark as a
Non-Profit Association. (CVR: 35697063).

Most activities in The Craune Association will be virtual activities
using various internet related technologies.


Why we  Crowdfunding

Crowd Funding is a perfect way to bring an idea to a project. The way to a potential taxpaying company.

Why we  Restrictions

We need easy funding and less restrictions. Don’t kill the ideas in the bureaucracy!

Crowd Equity

When the banks are restricted and insufficient for start-ups, we – the crowd, should invest in our future directly and create Crowd Wealth.



The Handbook

We are working on a Handbook for Equity Crowdfunding. It will contain everything you need to know about Equity Crowdfunding!

I would like to read the book

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The Team

Meet our team

We have a dream | We need a team | A dream team

Thomas Backhausen


Cand. Merc. Jur. Entrepreneur & Writer

Peter Hagen


Former IBM Sales director and real estate agent

Jernej Dekleva


Msc. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Christian Thisted

Art Director, Stud. HA(it)

Web design, presentation, photography, video etc.

Ida Olesen

PR Marketing

Our PR teamleader is taking care of media coordination.

Mayumi Kubota

Responsible for the contact to the Asian clients

MBA, Manager at Yahoo Japan

Nelson Khodara

Responsible for the contact to French Speaking clients

Msc. Business & Economics

Martin Clausen

Web User Interface

Bachelor of Design, Design and Visual Communications

Advisory Board

Torben Flyvholm

(50) Advisor, HD, real estate investor, developer

Freddy Bach

(49) Advisor, CEO, Investor, developer

Ernst Eskildsen

(49) CBS Mentor: E-Trade, Business Development, Strategy, Analysis

Okan Omay

(40) Advisor, Import, Export, Building materials

Mads Phikamphon

(39) Advisor, Software specialist .NET, C#, ASP.NET, SQL, SEO

Carsten Nielsen

(58) Advisor, Engineer and Business financier

Sven Petersen

(64) Advisor, Cand. Jur.
Business law

Jarl Kraft

(44) Advisor, Chartered Accountant, Annual Reports and Prospectus

Martin Skovgaard

(46) Advisor, Energy, Solar Cells, IT expert

Join the team

If you are interested in joining the craune team, send us an application at

We are always looking for more talented people to join our team and journey to creating a better way of crowd funding.

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  • The Crowd are the founders of tomorrow


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  • Crowdfunding.

    Boost your idea to a project/company
  • Equity Crowdfunding

    Boost your company with capital
  • Relevant and reliable information

    - If it isn't, It's not worth reading -
  • Crowd Wealth

    - Your Country is not doing it for you - and you know it.


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